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Tips and Tricks for Wiring Outdoor Lights

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Outdoor lighting installation can improve your home’s curb appeal and allow for safe activity during the night. Fortunately, wiring outdoor lighting is relatively simple, and you don’t need special education or training to do it. 

So today, the team at P&C Electric is here with some valuable tips and tricks for wiring outdoor lights. We will cover how to make your lighting installation safe and more manageable for yourself. If you require a dependable electrician in Oviedo, contact us today!

Use Low Voltage Fixtures

Safety is the priority when it comes to your outdoor lighting. Fortunately, most outdoor-rated fixtures for homes and yards use low voltages, minimizing the risk of shock and injury. Generally speaking, 12V lighting is the best option for yard lighting, as it provides ample power and illumination with minimal electrical current. 

Bury Ground Wiring

If your installations require ground wiring, bury the wiring at least 6″ below the surface. You also want to remove wires from digging sites to avoid accidentally cutting through them with gardening tools. We recommend you use ten or twelve-gauge copper wire to install outdoor lighting fixtures. 

LEDs Over Halogens

Halogen bulbs have been the typical choice for wiring outdoor lights for many years, but new LED bulbs offer an attractive alternative. LED bulbs use less energy, last longer than traditional halogen bulbs, and are more eco-friendly because they don’t contain toxic chemicals. You can retrofit old fixtures to use newer LED bulbs to avoid having to rip up any existing wiring. 

Use Outdoor-Rated Extension Cords

Don’t use interior extension cords outdoors. Outdoor-rated cables use durable materials that withstand rain, dirt, and impact. Outdoor cables also have more insulation to protect against overheating and fires. If you run cables over your deck or patio, secure them with electrical tape to keep them away from foot traffic and pets.  

Consider GFCI Installation

A ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlet has a unique design that cuts off electrical current when a short circuit occurs. GFCI electrical outlets are the safest option for installing outdoor light fixtures because they ground all appliances to prevent overheating and fires. If you don’t already have one, you’ll want to install a weather-resistant GFCI box outside to power your lighting safely. 

Go Solar

Going solar is an option if you do not want to deal with wiring. Opportunities for solar lighting have expanded considerably in the past decade, providing robust and more environmentally-friendly wireless outdoor lighting fixtures. Solar lighting still can’t produce the brightness of traditional halogen or LED lighting, but it makes an easy-to-install, low-cost alternative. 

Outdoor Wiring Installation Services in Central Florida

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