rewiring an old house

Top Considerations When Rewiring an Old House

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Does the idea of rewiring an old house feel overwhelming? Whether you need to resolve a minor issue or do a total replacement of the circuitry, you will need reliable help.

Fortunately, you will find excellent electrical service by PC Electric in Oviedo. These professionals explain what homeowners need to know about rewiring an old house.

Rewiring Expertise

Older properties can be fragile, requiring nuance when servicing. Some homeowners fear that reworking their electricity will compromise the integrity of their walls, light fixtures, and other features. Still, this project is essential for the safety and comfort of the family.

Let’s take a look at some things to keep in mind when planning to rewire an old house:

Inventory and Electrical Codes

The first step in rewiring a home is completing an inventory of your electrical usage. This will require you to locate and identify any appliance that draws electricity so you know where you’ll need outlets. These could be refrigerators, garage doors, HVAC systems, and more. 

Review local electrical codes to ensure safety and legality when rewiring an old house. This information will cover acceptable wiring, wattage, and outlet quantity. 

Plan in Writing

Formulate a new electrical plan in writing. This helps owners and service technicians stay on track. That said, leave room for unexpected occurrences, especially where excavation is concerned. A licensed electrician will do their part to learn as much about your home as possible before getting started.

It is also a good idea to keep records for future renovations that may impact the new electrical installation. 

Prepare for Demolition and Construction 

Depending on the depth of your rewiring, the home may or may not need extensive demolition or construction. Either way, work with your electrician to budget effectively for these projects.

Fortunately, you can factor cleanup and renovations into the electrical plan you’ve already written. The company performing the renovation should give you an estimate of these costs upfront so that you’re not surprised later.

Test Circuit Breakers

Testing your circuit breakers before and after renovation is ideal. This habit will ensure that your electrical connections are stable and that the project was successful. 

A licensed electrician will save time and install wiring safely to help you avoid future hazards. Once this installation is complete, you can focus on finishing the restoration of your home. 

Work With Veteran Electricians

Partner with a company of electricians who value the integrity of your older property. Our residential and commercial team will confront any challenge with excellent solutions. We believe in transparency, which is why we fully explain pricing and estimates so you can budget effectively.

Are you ready to start a new project? Speak with us to learn about the electrical services we offer. Our team is standing by with all the tools and wisdom you need for rewiring an old house.

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