how does a surge protector work

How Does a Surge Protector Work?

Every electrical device needs a power source. And sometimes, even though you have a power source, it might not be enough to charge all of your devices simultaneously. Many people overcome this limitation by plugging their electronic devices into power strips plugged into wall outlets. While most power strips come with surge protection these days, they weren’t always the default option. 

But how does a surge protector work? At P&C Electric, LLC., a reliable electrician in Oviedo, FL, our experienced electricians recommend using a surge protector on every outlet to protect your devices and appliances.

Power Surge Definition 

A power surge is a sudden increase in electrical voltage, usually caused by an overloaded or faulty electrical line. This spike can cause devices like phones and computers to malfunction or even injure people if they’re near an electronic device during a surge.

Power surges can also be hazardous during storms. For example, lightning strikes can cause a power surge, and wind can carry it along the power lines. These surges can damage homes and businesses, creating long-term problems that may require pricey repairs.

How Surge Protectors Work 

A surge protector is a device used to protect electronic equipment from power surges. A power surge can occur when the electric current in an outlet exceeds the average amount, which can destroy appliances or cause them to malfunction. 

So how does a surge protector work? Surge protectors typically plug into an outlet and have a switch that turns them on and off. When you turn the switch on, the surge protector will block any excess flow of electricity from going into your electronics.

Surge protectors contain a metal oxide varistor (MOV). MOVs come from materials such as aluminum and chrome that can resist high voltage surges. These surge protectors work well with most types of electronics. However, different types of surge protectors come with varying protection levels. 

How To Safely Use a Surge Protector 

Below are a few things to remember when plugging devices into a surge protector. 

Make sure the devices you’re plugging into the surge protector are compatible. Some devices do not react to surge protectors, so they might not work correctly.

Also, check the specs of the devices you’re plugging into the surge protector. Specific models are more likely to experience surges than others. 

In addition, ensure that you turn off the power to the devices you’re plugging into the surge protector before connecting them. Doing so will minimize the chances of them experiencing a power spike while plugged into the surge protector.

Hire an Oviedo, FL, Electrician 

A surge protector is a valuable technology that can help protect your computer, phone, and other electronics from harmful surges. For nearby lightning strikes, ask us about a whole-home surge suppressor. Our licensed and insured electricians can answer your questions and help resolve your power and electrical issues at your home or business.

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